Slow and low…everyone knows it’s the only way to barbeque, but this is something completely different.

Sometimes it’s smoother side of an up tempo banger. And, sometimes it’s just a sweet signature sound of that group that just gets you (I’m not crying…it’s that barbecue smoke in my eye).

This is Sunday morning listening! Whether you are cruising with your love or all alone just nursing a wicked hangover from Saturday night, put on Smooth Sides, Low Rides…it’ll probably do more for you than that asprin you were about to pop:

  1. Girl I’m Coming Home – Shades of Brown
  2. Find Somebody New – Otis Brown
  3. I want Love – Brenton Wood
  4. It’s So Hard – Gene & Eddie
  5. It’s Alright – The Vowels
  6. Cross My Heart – Timothy Wilson
  7. Sitting There That Night – Darrow Fletcher
  8. My Baby’s Gone Away – The Chymes
  9. I’m Stepping Out with My Memories
  10. Come Back Babay – The Stoppers
  11. Nobody Loves Me (Like My Baby) – Harry Caldwell
  12. I’m So Afraid – Jay W. King
  13. You’ve Got the Makings of a Lover – The Festivals
  14. I gues  I’ll Never Stop Loving You – The La-Rells
  15. Let Me Prove that I LOve You – The Dynells
  16. You’re No Good – Irene Scott
  17. I’m Your Fool – CHeryl Williams
  18. Gone Forever – The Del-Vons
  19. This Love of Mine – The Extensions
  20. The Reasons (Why I Love You) – The Passions
  21. Those Hanging Heartaches – Darrow Fletcher
  22. Don’t Say Goodbye Love – Sharon Soul
  23. Not My Baby – The Masters
  24. Wait for Me – The Montclairs
  25. It’s Just and Illusion – The Illusions
  26. I’m Not Like the Others